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There are over 12,500 golf injuries a year that require hospital treatment and millions of pounds worth of golf equipment are stolen every year. The fact is that golf can be a very expensive game if you don't have the correct insurance cover. Specialist golf insurance is a must.

Independent research claims that 9 out of 10 golfers are not sufficiently insured for theft, loss or damage of their golf equipment, damage to property, or personal injury, leaving the golfer to cover the cost. The greatest financial risk to golfers is in cases involving injury on the course and without adequate cover golfers could face financial ruin if sued for damages. The High Court ruled that;
'Golfers are liable for shots that cause injury, no matter how slight the risk', making it almost a mandatory requirement that golfers have specialist golf insurance cover. Yet still so many golfers remain unprotected.
On Friday 4th November 2011 the judge presiding over a case concerning a golfer losing his eye said ‘that every golfer, no matter his or her degree of competence, will make bad shots’, highlighting that all golfers should be aware of potential consequences of hitting a wayward shot. The golfer who sustained the injury was awarded £397,000. Read more

The Daily Telegraph

"...judges have ruled...
whether the injury was a freak
accident or not, any golfer who
injures someone could be sued
for damages"

FORE! Magazine

"The message to all golfers of all
standards is clear, if you want to avoid
shelling out thousands of pounds in the
courts you simply must get specialist
golf insurance"

Golf World

The Independent

Golfers in the rough over
injury claims

GOLFERS across Britain may be forced to take out insurance against causing other injury to other players after a court ruled that errant players are liable for accidents - no matter how slight the risk, writes Andrew Buncombe.
The Court of Appeal yesterday upheld a county court ruling that Anthony Lightening was liable to pay damages to a fellow golfer who was hit in the eye with a stray ball. He was trying to hit a ball over a coppice towards the green, but it struck a tree, deflected at right angles and hit John Pearson, standing between 80 and 90 yards away on the next fairway. Mr Pearson was "poleaxed" and has not been able to play golf since.
Three appeal court judges decided that Mr Lightening was liable even though he had shouted "fore" when the ball was mis-hit. Mr Lightening's solicitor, Peter Shergold, said after the hearing that the ruling would affect all golfers and their approach to playing any shot when other players were around.
"The dilemma will be whether to get on with the game and abide by the rules or to wait until the area is completely clear of other players so that they do not set themselves up to the risk of being sued," he said.
The damages will be assessed at another hearing at the county court in Southampton where both players live.

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