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imageAfter 29 years coaching experience from complete beginners to Ryder Cup Players; training over 200 PGA coaches personally, and hosting over 100 seminars, PGA Master Professional Scott Cranfield has written Intuitive Golf a collection of thoughts on how he coaches the golf swing with his unique style of linking mind and body.

Intuitive Golf has been described as a self coaching manual for golfers. You will gain new and refreshing insights to some swing fundamentals plus an in depth look at certain movements in the golf swing such as impact, balance and sequencing.

The book gets straight into the linking mind and body concept that Scott has studied for so many years. Straight off the bat you will learn Scott’s signature drill for helping golfers improve their swing technique quickly and with lasting results. You will learn why this approach is truly a ‘natural’ approach, and how a slight shift in focus can switch you out of a natural swing and into a complex and over thought one, the difference is subtle but the results profound. In fact Scott is so confident the content of his book will help you improve your golf that he is offering a Full 120 day Money Back Guarantee.

If you find great illustrations and pictures essential to help you learn then Intuitive Golf ticks that box as well. Each bit of theory is backed up with effective images to reinforce the point which means you will retain the information far more effectively.

The book finishes with some bonus material, including Seven Golden Rules of A Natural Golf Swing and Words of Wisdom to Boost Your Learning.

So if the subject of a natural golf swing interests you, Inuitive Golf is an essential read. It’s probably the only golf book that comes with a money back guarantee!

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