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The irons arrived at the same time as the new Apex MB.

callaway forged

Image credit: Callaway Golf


They both look sensational, but after putting them both into the address position it was clear the X Forged were the most appealing. It just looks like there’s a bit more golf club, so they aren’t anywhere near as intimidating.

The finish on the X Forged is also superb it’s more off a brushed chrome effect compared to the mirror-like Apex MB. This is a model that many players have loved over the years – Phil Mickelson has been using the 2013 X Forged model for some time now.


Callaway X Forged irons review – The technology

The X Forged will offer a bit more forgiveness than the Apex MB thanks to its cavity-back design. Think of it as the CB to the Titleist 718 MB or the SC to the Mizuno MP-18 blade.

But I feel the X Forged has wider appeal than those models and can work for the low-mid handicap golfer with no problem at all. Like with the Apex MB the enhanced feel comes from Callaway’s triple net forging process.

The design of the new X Forged should also offer improved turf interaction and more spin from the 20v precision grooves.


Callaway X Forged irons review – The results

There’s a lovely crisp sound and feel off the face with these and they aren’t difficult to hit. They do feel a lot more playable than the Apex MB and they seem to perform slightly better on off-centre hits.

But like with the Apex MB, I was noticing a bit of a drop in distance from what I would expect from the ‘game-improvement’ irons I am used to. The lofts are a factor. The 7-iron in the X Forged set has 33˚ whereas I’m more used to 30˚.

And they don’t quite have the same ‘bouncy’ feel off the face as say the Steelhead XR, Titleist AP1 or Ping G400. These are precision clubs rather than distance clubs and players with similar swings speeds to me might notice a drop in distance if they are used to more ‘helpful’ irons.

callaway forged

Image credit: Callaway Golf


Callaway X Forged irons review – The verdict

If you’re a mid-handicapper looking to improve then irons like these may be a wise move. You’ll get more feedback on where you are striking the ball and you’ll be able to work the ball both ways with a bit more ease.

The looks, sound and feel of these clubs is fantastic – you’ll really enjoy using them and look forward to playing golf with a set of these in the bag.

For me personally, I’m not quite ready to give up that distance and help I get from my current irons but if I could improve the consistency of my ball-striking I’d be delighted to put these into play.



SRP: £1,049 (7 irons)

Available: 3-PW

On sale: January 26, 2018

More information can be found on the Callaway website.