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Golf is costly enough without having to pay to replace lost or damaged clubs or forking out for a personal injury claim.

Summer is fast approaching, and it sometimes feels like we don’t have a care in the world. By the time May comes around many of us have forked out for new equipment, clothing and maybe even lessons – but how many golfers think about insurance?

The thing about insurance is that it can seem a waste of money – until it’s needed and then you want cover you can rely on. Once you remember the cost of your clubs, not to mention the possibility of a personal injury claim resulting from a stray shot, paying out a few pounds a month for your membership to The Golfers Club suddenly doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Every year, golf equipment worth millions of pounds is stolen. Equipment theft has risen over the past year, and as the spring approaches and courses become busier, these potentially devastating losses will only become more common. Should it happen to you, it won’t mean a huge amount of financial loss or upheaval, but a simple call to The Golfers Club claims department – and if your membership is due for renewal, renew today to ensure your cover continues uninterrupted. It simply isn’t worth the risk of not renewing.

Golf isn’t exactly an extreme sport, but injuries and accidents are by no means rare. Last year more than 12,400 people required hospital treatment for golf-related injuries – and yet it is estimated that only one in 10 golfers in the UK has specialist golf insurance. That little white ball can cause an awful amount of damage to an unsuspecting cranium, and courts have ruled in the past that golfers may be liable for any damage they cause, even if they were not acting recklessly. You only have to go back to November 2011 where a judge awarded nearly £400,000 to a golfer who lost his eye. In today’s litigious society it will certainly help you sleep at night during a court case if you know that your insurer will fork out for any damages you’re charged for.

Golfing holidays are becoming more popular too, and you don’t have to have travelled through a busy airport to know that wherever there’s luggage, there’s also lost and damaged luggage. For just an extra £10 per year you can extend your Golfers Club cover worldwide and thereby ensure that you have peace of mind no matter where you travel.

And on a lighter note, is golf the only sport where the best thing that can happen can also cost you a small fortune? We all dream of that hole-in-one. The feeling of elation is incomparable… and then there’s the sudden realisation that there are many, many thirsty mouths awaiting you back at the clubhouse. We provide coverage of up to £200 to ensure your perfect moment remains, well, perfect.


Enjoy your golf knowing that you’re covered by The Golfers Club.