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Three years ago, TaylorMade stunned the golfing world by bringing white-headed woods to market.

It has since become normal to see all manner of colourful drivers – but with the JetSpeed range, TaylorMade have already moved on.

With a matt-black finish and a subtle blue colour scheme, the contrast could hardly be more marked between this range and 2013’s R1 and RBZ Stage 2.

The JetSpeed family concentrates squarely on distance. The driver is the company’s first to incorporate Speed Pocket technology and utilises a low and forward centre of gravity to promote distance and accuracy with less spin.

TaylorMade say this CG location has been proven to generate faster ball speed and lower spin for long distance.

Because a low and forward CG also promotes a lower launch angle, TaylorMade expect most players will have to ‘loft up’ with the adjustable loft sleeve to realise the full distance-enhancing benefits.

“Players will experiment with higher lofts and discover the benefit,” says Benoit Vincent, TaylorMade’s chief technical officer.

“CG position does not drive forgiveness, so TaylorMade thinks that a clubhead with a CG nearer the face is a better driver overall, and forgiveness is not affected.

“CG closer to the face delivers more ball speed than CG back. In off-centre hits, a club with higher MOI will protect ball speed better than a club with lower inertia.

“The head with slightly higher MOI due to CG back is protecting a slower ball speed to start, and as a result, it never competes in off-centre hits.

“The second aspect of forgiveness is linked to sidespin and lateral launch angle on off-centre hits.

“A lower inertia head rotates more at impact, and this head needs a flatter bulge. A higher inertia head calls for a face with more rounded bulge. A head with CG at the front has a slightly lower inertia and more rounded bulge to create the same forgiveness.”

The Speed Pocket offers a huge benefits on mis-hits low on the face by minimising added spin to provide more distance.

It is filled with a polymer to keep debris out and absorb unwanted vibration while allowing the face to flex freely.

Beyond the driver, the company believe the new JetSpeeds are the longest and most playable fairways and rescues they have ever created, thanks to a low and forward CG and a redesigned Speed Pocket.

The weight saved is redistributed to move the CG lower and forward to promote fast ball speed and low spin.

The shallow face and profile, combined with their low-front CG location, makes them easy to launch on a high, long-carrying flight, especially from the turf. v

All clubfaces in the range are made of JetSteel, an ultra-strong steel alloy that adds to the speed of the face.


Lofts: 9.5, 10.5 & 13˚
Shaft: Matrix Velox T49
SRP: £249

image (28)

Lofts: 15, 17, 19, 21 & 23˚
Shaft: Matrix Velox T69
SRP: £179

image (27)

Lofts: 2 (17), 3 (19), 4 (22), 5 (25) & 7 (28˚)
Shaft: Matrix Velox T75/65/55
SRP: £139

image (28)

Available: Now


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