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If you’re finding the guidelines confusing, then you’re not alone. Alex Perry, Digital Editor at National Club Golfer, has thrown together an easy-to-read dummy’s guide for teeing up after lockdown.

There are plenty of guidelines doing the rounds for staying safe in the big golf reopening across the UK – so we’ve put together this very quick guide to make sure you don’t fall foul of any rules once you’re back out there.

Here are a handful of dos and don’ts for you – the golfer – to stick to before, during, and after your round.

Golf reopening dos and don’ts: Pre-round

+ DO book your tee time online, or through whatever system your club decides to use

– DON’T forget to get changed into your golf attire at home and put your shoes on in the car

+ DO eat before you get to the club – the kitchen may not be open to make you a bacon roll, remember!

– DON’T arrive at the club earlier than 15 minutes prior to your tee time

+ DO wait your turn to go on the putting green – those next on the tee have priority

– DON’T forget to manage expectations – greenkeepers have been furloughed too

Golf reopening dos and don’ts: During the round

+ DO stay two metres apart at all time

– DON’T go onto the 1st tee until it is your time to play, ensuring 10-minute gaps between groups

+ DO follow any special routing laid out by your club

– DON’T forget to adhere to the Rule of Six

+ DO be respectful of the condition of the course – the greenkeeping staff have been under tremendous strain during the lockdown period

– DON’T touch anything other than your clubs and ball – this includes flagsticks, bunker rakes, ball washers, stakes, and your playing partner’s equipment

+ DO keep your hands cleaned and sanitised at regular intervals

Golf reopening dos and don’ts: Post-round

+ DO mark and sign your own card – or follow whatever system your club decides to use

– DON’T shake hands or hang around after your round – head straight to your car

And most importantly…

+ DO play safe, stay safe.

And hopefully that will be it for golf courses closing if the country does lock down again…

This article was originally published by our partner National Club Golfer.