Golf Buggy or Golf Cart Insurance with The Golfers Club

Annual cover from just £29.99

Golf Buggy

The Golfers Club provide insurance for our customers who own golf buggies or golf carts, and if you’re over 50 you’ll benefit from a 10% discount. (Please note if you rent a golf buggy and wish to be covered with Liability insurance only you do not need to buy a Buggy Insurance policy; a standard policy from The Golfers Club will provide Liability cover).

However if you have your own personal golf buggy then we have a range of golf buggy insurance policies to suit your requirements. Whether a single seater or a multi seat buggy, we will provide golf buggy insurance protection so that the owners of buggies can focus their efforts on golf and feel comfortable knowing that they are covered for theft, loss or damage. Also we provide cover if there was to be an injury caused by the golf buggy.

If you leave your buggy at the golf club, choose Buggy Club below, but if you are to take your buggy home, and keep it there choose the Buggy Home & Club cover.

Golf Buggy Value Annual premium for cover at the golf club only Annual premium for cover at the golf club & home
£750 £29.99 £39.99
£1,250 £44.99 £54.99
£2,500 £64.99 £74.99
£4,000 £84.99 £94.99

Important Note: Please note to purchase buggy insurance you must also be a member of The Golfers Club. Joining The Golfers Club and taking out a buggy insurance policy couldn’t be easier.

The Golf Buggy equipment excess is £150 and cannot be waived.

Driving buggies round golf courses sounds like fun, but sometimes on the varied terrain of the course there can be accidents. This is why it is advisable to purchase a golf buggy insurance policy; accidents and injuries can happen to the best of us.

Golf courses aren’t the flattest places to drive around so it’s a case of safety first when driving as there are lots of golf buggy related accidents every year caused by a variety of reasons; their open design, lack of seatbelts and braking capabilities can leave you vulnerable in certain situations. In addition, most golf buggies are equipped with mechanical rear brakes only (instead of four wheel brakes like cars), significantly limiting their stopping ability.

Of course, it almost goes without saying that golf buggys are expensive and the cost of replacement in the event of theft or repair if damaged can be significant, far greater than the cost of an insurance policy.

Therefore if you do own a buggy it is essential to have a golf buggy insurance policy so you can continue playing your game with the peace of mind, confident that you’re covered for most eventualities.

Simply click to get an instant golf buggy insurance quote, or alternatively call our Customer Service Team on 0800 158 5550.