Frequently Asked Questions

Surely my household policy covers me?

A household policy is just that, it is not a specialist golf insurance policy and will not provide the extensive range of covers that comes with every Golfers Club policy. In addition make a claim on your household policy and you will lose any no claims bonus which can be very costly.

Is there an excess on golf equipment?

Yes there is an excess of £50 which can be waived for a £7 fee. An excess will still apply to a Golf Buggy at £150.

Is there an excess on Third Party Liability or Public Liability claims?

No, we do not charge an excess for claims made under these sections nor do we charge an excess for Personal Accident or Hole In One claims.

Is golf equipment covered on a ‘New For Old’ basis?

Yes, equipment replacement is on a ‘New for Old’ basis for items purchased new providing satisfactory proof of ownership. Items which are not purchased new will be replaced on the indemnity value of that equipment at the time of loss or damage.

Do I need my original receipts to make a claim?

Original receipts, a Bank or Credit Card Statement or Valuation showing evidence of purchase or supporting document confirming purchase and ownership are required. If you do not have these claims will be dealt with on an indemnity basis.

What form of Valuation is acceptable when making a claim for equipment?

An Insurance Valuation undertaken prior to any loss or damage should be sought when no other evidence of purchase is available. The description should be full and adequately detailed to enable a comparable article(s) of similar quality to be obtained in the event of a claim being submitted to your insurer.It should be compiled on the basis of what a broadly similar article will cost to replace in the unfortunate event of loss or damage. The valuation should represent average retail prices in the usual, local market. The retailer who undertakes the valuation should be the original supplier of the equipment unless this is not possible (e.g. retailer has ceased trading) then a valuation from a recognised golf equipment supplier will be acceptable.

Are my clubs insured in a locker at the golf club?

Yes, they are insured as long as the locker is securely locked. 24 hours a day as standard.

Are my clubs insured in a car?

Yes they are insured as long as the equipment is out of sight either in a locked boot or a covered luggage area. 24 hours a day as standard.

Are there any age restrictions with the insurance?

There are no age restrictions to take out a policy however the limits for Personal Accident do vary dependant on age. These are:

  • If you are under 18, the death benefit is reduced to £1,000
  • If you are over 80, the benefits are reduced to £5,000 and there is no cover for permanent total disablement

Am I insured to play abroad?

We have four different policies available, Bronze, Silver and Gold offer differing levels of cover in the UK, Platinum covers you anywhere in the World. Regardless which policy level you choose you can extend your insurance to cover you throughout the World by simply adding the ‘£10 Worldwide Extension’ on your application.

The policy booklet states cover shall only apply in respect of claims brought against you in the United Kingdom, I have Worldwide cover how can this cover my liability if I’m playing abroad?

As a UK resident if you were to be sued following a golfing accident abroad the claim would need to be brought against you in the UK as that is where your assets would be.

Who are Ripe?

We are one of the UK’s leading specialists in niche insurance products. Nearly 200,000 members have already chosen Ripe for their sports, leisure, personal and business insurance. Our fresh approach to insurance is all about making insurance easy-to-buy, simple-to-understand, jargon-free and excellent value. We ensure that our insurance practices not only meet but exceed the standards set by the Financial Conduct Authority, giving our members a clear understanding of our insurance products and providing a first-class insurance service. Find out about how we do things differently here.

What do I receive in my Fairway Member’s Golf Pack?

You get 5 free rounds of golf, 5 free GreenFree 2 for 1 vouchers, a proof of insurance members card so you can carry it around with you when on the course, 3 Srixon AD333 golf balls and you’ll also receive a regular newsletter from us including things like competitions, news and exclusive offers.

How much is my Fairway Member’s Golf Pack worth?

The value of your free membership pack is over £500!

Where can I play my free rounds of golf when I become a member?

You can choose from a choice of over 35 prestigious golf courses throughout the UK – take your pick! Better still, if you take a playing partner along with you, they’ll also enjoy a discount off the green fee. You can find out more about the courses here: https://www.thegolfersclub.co.uk/memberspack/freegolf

Where can I use the GreenFree vouchers when I become a member?

You can enjoy your two for one GreenFree vouchers at over 750 golf courses throughout UK and Ireland! GreenFree includes world famous venues such as The Belfry and Celtic Manor.