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The article below was written by Rachael Tibbs of National Club Golfer

Phil Mickelson’s magical major win at 50 proves age is no obstacle. If you’ve been inspired, Rachael Tibbs has some advice on how to get fit like the six-time major champion.

Phil Mickelson became the oldest golfer to ever win a major championship. There is no doubt that his experience and talent played a major part in the win, however he attributes it to “working harder, fitness training, eating well, and practising harder”.

Since his last major win at the Open in 2013, he has made drastic changes to his health by engaging in a regular fitness programme and improving the nutritional value of his food. Once a lover of fizzy drinks and sugary foods, he has replaced it with coffee, whole foods, and a fasting routine.

The motivation for Mickelson to do this came from a diagnosis of arthritis in 2010 and his inability to recover properly after tournaments. This had a negative impact on his ability to practice well and his performance on the course – not to mention his overall health and wellbeing.

Mickelson has to be an inspiration to all golfers, not least those in the same age bracket and is proof that age is not an obstacle. The ability to replace bad habits for better ones, and a lifestyle shift, is not an easy feat by any means. However the dedication and commitment to be consistent with it is now proving fruitful.

When Mickelson lifted the Wanamaker trophy for the second time he became a six-time major winner and arguably in the best shape of his life. Hitting bombs, while staying injury free, was his recent social media slogan and that is exactly what he did on the 16th at Kiawah Island.

Adrenaline filled, no doubt, he bombed his driver a total of 366 yards, which waved to title rival Brooks Koepka’s ball on its way past – a major indicator of the strength and power he has built in the gym and through his fitness programmes.

Getting stronger and increasing his power means that he can continue to compete with the younger big hitters on tour.

The golf fitness tips Mickelson used to improve his game

Getting stronger is the foundation to increasing speed and power. With that comes increased clubhead speed and distances.

Improved strength also makes the body more robust, so you are less susceptible to stress and injuries from practice and play.

Improved diet and fitness allows your body to recover better after stresses are placed on your body.

The increased fitness allows your body to handle more stress and better food intake helps it to recover quicker.

Better recovery and increased energy allows you to practice longer and harder, and increased practice can result in better performance on the golf course.