Best 5 single seater golf buggies on the market in 2022

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middle aged male driving a golf buggy

With golf being considered a traditional game, the idea of a single seater golf buggy on the course isn’t something that first springs to mind—however, their popularity within the game is increasing. Following COVID 19 distancing rules, sharing a golf buggy became pretty tricky. The thought of ditching a buggy altogether wasn’t an option for… Read more »

The 10 best insulated water bottles for golf

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Staying hydrated is crucial during a round of golf. Poorly struck shots aren’t always down to your skill level; sometimes it might be because you’ve not drunk enough water—yes, really. With that in mind, you should always buy a bottle of water before you tee off, right? That’s good, but it would be even better… Read more »

The 5 best sunglasses for golf

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With the official first day of summer already passed, sunnier days are surely on the cards, and you might be considering, what are the best sunglasses for golf? You can’t get a better accessory when the rays are beaming down. Having a pair of shades that filter out the bright light can make all the… Read more »