How to regrip your golf clubs

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Many of us are happy to hand our clubs over to a trusty PGA professional when they need a regrip; others enjoy the satisfaction of a bit of DIY, which also saves a few quid. It’s a simple enough procedure to do at home, but there are a few important dos and don’ts. So, here’s… Read more »

7 driving range tips to improve shot consistency

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Trying to sharpen your skills during practice sessions can be infuriating without the right driving range tips. We’ve all been there. You spend over an hour hitting ball after ball, slowly adjusting your stance to build your power. You’ve made progress by the end of the session and head home, only to find you’ve reverted… Read more »

How to organise a golf bag

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If you tend to arrange your golf clubs in a rather haphazard manner, you’re certainly not the only golfer to do so. So long as there’s space to shove your wedge in, it doesn’t matter where it goes, right? Wrong. It matters, as does making the best use of all the pockets and storage space… Read more »

How To Clean Golf Clubs

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A chore it may be, but cleaning your golf clubs is essential, as dirty clubs can make your game even harder. Check out our guide on how to clean golf clubs.

5 Hip Exercises For Golfers

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Most of us probably spend a fair bit of time seated – perhaps even more so over the last couple of years, when lockdowns have meant lots of Zoom calls and hours upon hours in front of computers. While being seated is not bad for us, it can mean we lose range of motion in… Read more »