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The below article was written by Hannah Holden, Equipment and Instruction Editor of National Club Golfer.

How often should you change your irons? It’s actually a question I get asked a lot. The draw of new golf equipment can be tempting, but how long do your irons actually last before you need to start thinking about replacing them?

Firstly, it is worth noting golf clubs are extremely durable products and, if looked after, will last a very long time. But using them for too long will lead to a drop off in performance through general wear and tear. Also for every year you keep your old clubs in the bag, the technology is improving which means you’re missing out on extra yardage and forgiveness.

How often should you change your irons?

As with all things the answer here is going to vary depending on a few factors. How often you play, and how often you practice are both huge variables.

Professional golfers who practice and play virtually every day can go through multiple sets of irons a year due to how quickly they can wear down the grooves.

Generally for club golfers changing your irons every year is going to be overkill and looking at new options every three to four years is a better time frame. The research says you can get a good 300 rounds out of irons before you need to start looking at replacements.

Really you need new irons when you start to notice a drop off in performance. If the grooves have worn away you are likely to get less spin which can produce a variety of outcomes. You may notice shots flying higher but not carrying as far, or you might get a low shot that struggles to hold its line.

Unless you are playing extremely irregularly, you should be replacing your irons every five years to make sure you are getting the most out of them.

How can you make your irons last longer?

Keeping your clubs clean has a huge impact on how well they age, especially making sure to dry your clubs well after they get wet out on the course.

Iron covers get a bad rep for looking unfashionable but they are a great way to reduce wear and tear on your irons and keep your club heads scuff free.

It is also worth getting your loft and lies checked once a year as they can move over time which will affect the performance too.

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