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As much as we’d all like Rory McIlroy’s practice facility in our own back garden, most of us have to take a trip to the driving range. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could hit balls at home?

Well, you can with a golf practice net, and whilst it’s always nice to see your ball flight when it leaves the clubface, this is the next best thing.

Think of all the times you’ve deliberated over going to the range, only to let the moment pass – which is just no good if you want to get better.

Here, we’ve selected the best golf nets that you can use at home all year round. Whether you’re looking for a low-cost chipping net or full swing driving bay, these nets can help make you a better, more consistent player.

Pure 2 Improve Chipping Net, £14.95

best golf nets

This 50cm chipping net, which features a pop-up construction for easy set-up, is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It also comes with a carry bag for storing and transporting to and from your practice area. At £14.95, it’s not going to break the bank. Who knows, it might end up being the most important equipment purchase you make this year.

PGA Tour Pop Up Chipping Target Net, £9.95

best golf nets

This is not just any old chipping net, but one featuring the PGA Tour logo that’s sure to give you that added inspiration. With its 20” diameter hoop, it’s not designed to try and catch your attempts at a Tiger Woods stinger; it’s better used to get a feel for short shots prior to teeing off, or for messing around with in the garden. When you’re finished, it’s easy to fold down to a compact size.

Links Choice Practice Net, £59.99

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Now we’re talking. This is the driving net all serious golfers should have in their back garden. Measuring 7ft high by 10ft wide, it won’t allow even your wildest shots to escape. It’s manufactured from highly durable materials, so you can hit thousands of balls and be sure that it will last. It’s easy to assemble and once it’s up, you’ll have no excuses for being rusty.

PGA Tour Pro Driving Net, £69.99

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Here’s a net for every aspect of your game – driver, iron play, and chipping. The beauty of this product – which measures 214cm (height) x 305cm (width) x 153cm (depth) and features a lightweight fiberglass frame – is its three different target nets, which allows you to play games and challenge your accuracy. The frame and ground sheet are easy to set up, and it even comes with a set of driving and chipping tips to help you get started.

Longridge Quad Chipping Net, £24.99

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All the sports performance gurus out there will tell you that you need to practise with a purpose – and this net will help you do just that. It features five target pockets, so you can challenge yourself with any number of short game exercises. Not only does this mean you can create a bit of pressure for yourself, but the targets can also be used to help you understand how to flight various chips and improve your feel for where to land certain shots. It expands to 65cm x 67cm x 70cm and folds down to 30cm x 30cm for convenient storage.

Master Cage Super Size Driving Net, £449.99

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If you’re willing to spend more than £400 on a new driver, why not invest in a serious piece of kit to practise hitting it in? This is no ordinary net – it’s a 3m x 3m x 3m steel construction that can be used for a variety of sports with absolutely no worry of any balls escaping. So, as well as crunching drives at a target, the multi-talented athletes out there can use this robust product to practise pretty much any sport that involves hitting a ball.

Longridge Full Swing Practice Net, £119

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There can’t be many nets out there that have quite so many targets to go at – 18 in total. With the Longridge Full Swing Practice Net, you won’t ever get bored of setting yourself goals and playing games to improve your accuracy and ball striking. It can be used for chipping, driving and iron play, and measures 305cm wide x 213cm high x 151cm deep.

Slazenger Chip Net, £9

best golf nets

For anyone looking for a pop-up net that won’t break the bank, this should be perfect. You can use it in the garden, in the office, or take it down to the short game area at your club in its lightweight, compact carry bag. The dartboard style targets are simple and, for many golfers, this is all that’s required.

Longridge Golf Pro Chipping Net, £22.95

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This lightweight and portable chipping net may have a target, but it offers quite a generous space to chip in to. Therefore, you can play plenty of different games and adjust your difficulty level. The blue colour works well, too, and helps you focus on your target. Plus, because of this net’s size, there’s no reason you can’t use it indoors – although we’d always recommend using air balls, especially if you value your furniture.