The dos and don’ts of playing golf in a Covid world

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If you’re finding the guidelines confusing, then you’re not alone. Alex Perry, Digital Editor at National Club Golfer, has thrown together an easy-to-read dummy’s guide for teeing up after lockdown. There are plenty of guidelines doing the rounds for staying safe in the big golf reopening across the UK – so we’ve put together this very quick… Read more »

Should the Ryder Cup be postponed until 2021?

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ryder cup 2021

After the Masters and PGA Championship were postponed due to the ongoing uncertainty with the coronavirus outbreak, speculation is rife that the Ryder Cup will be delayed a year to make room for the rescheduled majors. Should that happen? Two of the writers at National Club Golfer disagree… ‘Do we really want to see the… Read more »

How will the three-week lockdown impact our golf courses?

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coronavirus golf courses

We’re in ‘lockdown’. Our clubs and courses are shut and who knows when we’re going to be able to get out and play golf again. Following the prime minister’s announcement on Monday night ordering us all to stay at home, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport have since clarified that greenkeepers can work ‘for… Read more »

How Does Coronavirus Affect Your Golf Insurance?

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With the Government advising the UK to avoid gatherings and social activities, you must be wondering how coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) could affect your golf insurance. Lots of our policyholders have been asking what they’re covered for, so we’ve put together this FAQ page to address your concerns. Does The Golfers Club cover club… Read more »