The 10 best Masters shots of all time

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The Masters is decorated with incredible shots, all of which are made more spectacular by their surroundings. We’ve trawled the Augusta archives and picked out 10 of the best Masters shots of all time—however, with the proviso that many of the greatest shots took place before the arrival of YouTube in 2005. Sadly, for example,… Read more »

Why do golfers shout fore?

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According to the USGA, the word ‘fore’ originated in Scotland and is an abbreviated version of ‘before’ or ‘afore’. But ‘why do golfers shout fore?’ you might ask. The USGA website goes on to state: “The old Scottish warning, essentially meaning ‘look out ahead’ most probably originated in military circles, where it was used by… Read more »

How much is too much to pay for a round of golf?

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The article below was written by Steve Carroll of National Club Golfer. Visitor green fees have been rapidly rising ever since the Covid barriers came down. But, asks Steve Carroll, are we in danger of pricing the domestic golfer out of an experience, and will it come back to hurt the industry? What’s the value… Read more »