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It makes no sense whatsoever to spend hundreds of pounds on a new driver and some shiny new irons, only to then skimp on a travel bag.

In this article, we’ll look at the best golf travel bags to make your next golfing holiday as straightforward as possible.

We all love to get away for some golf in the sun, but we want to arrive there with our favourite possessions in one piece. All too often, we see photos on social media of an airline making a mess of some clubs with a driver in two pieces.

You should be looking for a strong and reliable golf travel bag. You want plenty of padding, great manoeuvrability and wheels that make things easy to move about the place. A great set of wheels can make all the difference between gliding from A to B or having to lug 14 clubs and half your wardrobe around an airport. 

Here are some of the best golf travel bags currently on the market.


1. Sun Mountain Club Glider Meridian

golf travel bags

RRP: £269.00

This travel bag is a fantastic investment with an integrated leg set that retracts easily, making moving about the place straightforward and easy on the back.

It’s also brilliantly well-made and will keep going for years, so it’s worth shelling out for. It can’t be stressed enough that travel bags are one part of your golf gear that you shouldn’t be skimping on—you’ll only be let down.

This golf bag has plenty of padding at the top, where your woods are housed, and there are two pockets to keep some of your other bits, leaving room in your other travel bags. Internal cinch straps secure everything nicely, too, and there are plenty of colour options.


2. Ping Rolling

golf travel bags

RRP: £269.00

You don’t need to be a Ping advocate to take advantage of this. Even if you want to transport a full-size cart bag around, this will get the job done. One of the benefits of this golf bag is that it folds down to fit into its own bag, so it doesn’t have to take up a large chunk of your hotel room.

There are also interlocking skid rails to roll smoothly over curbs, and its strong base means it can stand up in airport queues. You’ll also see there are six handles, so you’re not wrestling with it at any point. It’s a pricier option, but there’s plenty to it.


3. Titleist Players

golf travel bags

RRP: £180.00

This flight bag has a new U-shaped opening, so you can easily get in and out of it. Everything about Titleist is stylish, and this golf travel bag is no exception.

There’s plenty of room inside for your clubs and other belongings, and there are also two interior shoe pockets and straps to keep everything tightly tucked away. 

It features durable skate wheels, a large carry handle, an external valuables pocket, and two external straps to tighten everything up.


4. Ogio Alpha

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RRP: £179.00

If you were to describe this Ogio golf travel bag in two words, they might be ‘roomy’ and ‘dazzling’.

There is a black option, but otherwise, the colour options are off the charts. Ogio is renowned for being ‘out-there’ with its golf bags, and the travel bags are no different.

The bags are also renowned for their exceptional quality, and, despite all the space that the Alpha offers, it’s also lightweight, so it ticks all the boxes. There are plenty of strap options, and dense foam around your clubheads provides plenty of protection.


5. Sun Mountain Kube

golf travel bags

RRP: £199.00

This bag is very clever as it collapses into a neat cabin bag with a robust hard-case shell (pictured). In terms of looking after your clubs, there’s a reinforced padded area at the business end, where your clubheads are, to make sure that your driver doesn’t arrive in two pieces.

Sun Mountain does golf travel bags extremely well, and the wheels make getting about very straightforward, too. There are also lots of colour options to choose from—we all have our favourite colourway, and you won’t be disappointed. The Kube is particularly light, despite its make-up, and it also has rubberised pull and carry handles.


6. OutdoorMaster Padded Golf

RRP: £75.99

Golf travel bags can be pricey, but sometimes, going for the cheaper option doesn’t have to mean missing out on quality. This bag offers excellent padding and protection, thanks to extra-foam cushioning, and the reinforced in-line skate wheels are reliable and hard-working.

OutdoorMaster has been clever in its design, with extra pockets and handles making it easier to get off an airport carousel. There’s loads of extra storage, too, which almost makes it like a second piece of luggage. Better still—it’s water and wear-resistant, so you won’t need to reinvest after your golf travel bag has begun to let you down.


7. Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro

RRP: £439.00

If anyone knows about travelling with your clubs, it’s the tour pros. And, while the superstars of the game might have their own private jets, they still have to look after their prized possessions.

This premium collapsible bag is relied upon by the likes of Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas, et al., with plenty of room for a 47-inch driver or broomhandle putter. This bag ticks all the boxes; in-line skate wheels, an over-the-top zipper for easy packing and unpacking and—get this—there are 18 colour options!

Everything about this bag smacks of quality. Of course, it comes at a price, but this will likely be a one-and-done deal.


8. Motocaddy Flightsafe

RRP: £199.00

This might not look too different to the rest of the golf travel bags we’ve already mentioned, but Motocaddy, which has now entered this market having had huge success with electric golf trolleys and cart bags, have certainly delivered here.

There are no fewer than six wheels for easy transportation, and it neatly folds down into a small cube shape for easy storage. This bag is particularly strong on the protection of your clubs but, unlike others, offers a more comfy fit.

There’s room for additional storage, but the neater size of this bag makes it very easy to get about the place. It’s an ideal choice of travel bag as far as functionality goes.