Should you get every putt past the hole?

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The article below was written by Hannah Holden of National Club Golfer. We often hear the phrase ‘never up, never in’ but is the most effective strategy always to hit your putts past the hole? We all want to know how to be a better putter, so what is the most effective way to reduce… Read more »

What happens when a ball moves on the green?

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The article below was written by Steve Carroll of National Club Golfer. We’ve all had it. We get onto a green, we’re addressing for a shot, or we’ve lifted and replaced, and the ball starts moving. It’s easy to get into a panic, and it’s easy for your playing partners to get the wrong idea…. Read more »

The 14 best golf courses in the Midlands

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The Midlands might not be the first area that springs to mind when one thinks of top-class golf courses, but it’s a hotbed in terms of variety and quality. Naturally, there are no links courses given the county’s landlocked status, but the myriad of characteristics across golf courses in the Midlands is seriously impressive. This… Read more »