How to work out your golf handicap

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First things first, everyone can obtain a golf handicap. This applies to casual golfers as well as members of clubs, and it doesn’t need to be as complicated as you might imagine. Put simply—it is a measure of your golfing ability, so if you are playing with someone better or worse than you, then the… Read more »

Are golf bunkers supposed to be fair?

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The article below was written by Steve Carroll of National Club Golfer. It’ll be in everyone’s top five moans at their golf club – and it’s probably number one for many. Players and critics got excited about the bunkers at Royal Liverpool during The Open in July, and the R&A then changed the way they… Read more »

The 7 best golf putting aids

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With various golf putting aids on the market, there’s no reason why you can’t work more on your putting game—the best way to get your handicap down. For whatever reason, putting doesn’t get practised nearly enough as it should, but that should all be changing with an increasing number of quality golf putting aids entering… Read more »

How to practice golf at home

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In this article, we’ll look at affordable ways to practice golf at home and become a better player without even having to go out. Yes—it can be done! There are many ways you can practice and improve your golf at home. And, while the more space, the better, it’s not necessarily essential to have a… Read more »

How many wedges should you carry?

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The article below was written by Hannah Holden of National Club Golfer. With space for just fourteen clubs in the bag, getting the split between different clubs is crucial to your success out on the golf course. There are loads of factors affecting how many wedges you should put in play, so let’s take a… Read more »