How to practice golf at home

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In this article, we’ll look at affordable ways to practice golf at home and become a better player without even having to go out. Yes—it can be done! There are many ways you can practice and improve your golf at home. And, while the more space, the better, it’s not necessarily essential to have a… Read more »

How many wedges should you carry?

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The article below was written by Hannah Holden of National Club Golfer. With space for just fourteen clubs in the bag, getting the split between different clubs is crucial to your success out on the golf course. There are loads of factors affecting how many wedges you should put in play, so let’s take a… Read more »

The golf diet: what do golfers eat?

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“I have had the same pre-round routine for nearly 30 years. It’s not complicated, but I think that’s important,” says two-time European Tour winner Markus Brier. “That goes for what I eat just as much as how I warm up. I arrive at the course an hour and ten minutes before my tee time to… Read more »