What is a shotgun start in golf?

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Few sports offer more jargon and slang than golf. From ‘the unmentionables’ and ‘chilli dip’ to simpler terms such as Stableford, tee, birdie and bogey, the vocabulary of golf is a lengthy list. Here’s another: shotgun start. What is a shotgun start in golf—and do you need to shout ‘fore!’ even louder than usual when… Read more »

How to fix a slice: with PGA pro Eddie Hammond

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We recently caught up with PGA pro Eddie Hammond on how to fix a slice and straighten up your golf game. Here’s what he had to say…   How to fix a slice For me, one of the main reasons golfers slice a ball is down to visual misconceptions—often called parallax. As we address the… Read more »

5 stupid mistakes golfers make when chipping

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The article below was written by Jack Backhouse of National Club Golfer. Golfers can often have a love hate relationship with chipping, but it’s a vital part of the game if you want to shoot low scores. Here’s 5 mistakes to avoid if you want to start chipping better. Amateur golfers will generally always miss… Read more »

The 8 best free golf apps you can download

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The ability to download free golf apps has never been better. Golf apps offer a multitude of options and features which can save you hundreds of pounds on things like rangefinders, GPS devices, and even lessons. Most of us spend a lot of our time on our phones, and within a few seconds, we can… Read more »