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It’s official: Tiger Woods has joined TaylorMade.

The 14-time Major champion will play TaylorMade woods, irons and wedges as part of his club contract, although he won’t be using the latter two in the immediate future.

Specific product models are yet to be determined with extensive testing process between Woods and TaylorMade to be carried out.

When he begins his season at Torrey Pines this week, he is expected to have two new clubs in the bag: a 2017 M2 strong 3 wood and a 2017 M1 5 wood.




For the time being, he will continue to use last year’s M2 driver, along with his Nike blades and wedges and his Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter.
Tiger will also co-create with the brand’s club engineers and have an integral role in the design and development of a new, personalised iron model. It is unclear when that will be ready for him to put into play.

What Tiger said: “Throughout my career, I’ve always been meticulous about my equipment. Over the past few months, I’ve had clubs from every brand sent to me to test. When it came to making a final decision, the choice was easy—it all came down to performance, which is why I chose TaylorMade.”




Tiger Woods joins TaylorMade: Which woods will be in the bag?

Driver: TaylorMade 2016 M2 (9.5 degrees)
Shaft: Mitsubishi Rayon Tensei CK Pro White 70TX
Specs: 44.5 inches, D4 swing weight

3 Wood: TaylorMade 2017 M2 Tour (13 degrees)
Shaft: Mitsubishi Rayon Tensei CK Pro White 90TX
Specs: 42.5 inches, D4 swing weight

5 Wood: TaylorMade 2017 M1 Tour (19 degrees)
Shaft: Mitsubishi Rayon Tensei CK Pro White 90TX
Specs: 41.5 inches, D4 swing weight


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Since their inception, the Titleist Pro V1 & Pro V1x balls have been the ultimate performing ball in the world of golf.

Now it’s 2017, and it’s time for the latest generation of the Pro V1 & Pro V1x to be unveiled.


So what can we expect from the new balls?

Titleist say that you will still have the same superior short game feel around the greens thanks to their Urethane Elastomer cover. This will give the golfer confidence to hit the ball closer to the hole and deliver much improved drop and stop greenside control.

The Pro V1 ball is the longest Pro V1 Titleist have ever designed, and the Pro V1x has kept its extraordinary distance with its new tetrahedral dimple design.

So what we can expect is two premium golf balls that perform just the way you would want your golf ball to perform.



A bit on the technology in the new balls?

The Pro V1 is a three piece ball with a new 2.0 ZG Process Core in the centre. It has a 352 tetrahedral dimple design.

The Pro V1x is a four piece ball, with a 328 dimple design which helps produce a higher trajectory and a more consistent ball flight.

Titleist say that every ball is manufactured in the company’s state of the art ball manufacturing facilities to the highest possible standards.



Am I good enough to play the Titleist Pro V1 or the Pro V1x ball?

Of course you are. These golf balls are designed for all levels of golfers. This is why Titleist gather so much feedback from golfers of all abilities.

The advanced technology that goes into these new balls gives you the forgiveness you need to get the best possible results.


What are the pros saying?

Nothing but good things…All in all over 100 players worldwide have put the new balls into play, including Kevin Kisner, Adam Scott, Ian Poulter and Jimmy Waker.

Jordan Spieth: “I put the new Pro V1x into play and in the first week we had won. What I noticed immediately was the improved flight”.

Adam Scott: “I think the remarkable thing with the new Pro V1 is the distance it goes. I’m hitting it longer than I ever have before.



Titleist Pro V1 & Pro V1x – £52 per dozen

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TaylorMade have announced their 2017 ball lineup which is highlighted by the two new models: TP5 and TP5x golf balls.

Both of these two golf balls incorporate 5-layer construction to actively improve or increase driver/iron distance, control and spin without sacrificing any industry-leading greenside performance.

golf balls

So what makes these golf balls stand out? Well their unique advantage starts with the 5-layer construction.  In traditional golf balls with 3 or 4 layers, you are forced to settle for high wedge performance at the expense of distance, or more driver/iron distance at the expense of losing control and feel around the greens.

TP5 and TP5x feature varying 5-layer constructions, where each ball maximises driver and iron distance while also delivering best in class wedge performance and greenside spin, giving you the best of both worlds.

So how is this achieved?

The Tri-Fast Core of the golf ball consists of a very low compression inner core and a progressively stiffer outer core and mantle. The combination of the three layers work in unison to create lower spin and increased velocity.

golf ball

This gradient is what makes the Tri-Fast Core so unique, as it builds up speed in transferring energy from the club face to the ball and delivers incredible distance on full shots.

Then there is the the Dual-Spin cover which boasts an ultra-soft Cast Urethane cover and a rigid TP inner cover. This system creates a condition that is ideal for greenside control as the inner cover forces the soft urethane cover into wedge grooves for maximum spin generation.

The result is a multi-layer cover that is designed for extreme distance without sacrificing feel or control around the green.


So how do you choose between the TP5 and the TP5x balls?

They both offer complete tee-to-green performance thanks to TaylorMade’s patented 5-layer construction. TP5x is slightly firmer and launches higher, and TP5 features a softer feel with mid launch.


NCG Equipment Editor James Savage sat down with Eric Loper, the Director of TaylorMade golf ball R&D.

What were the thought processes behind TP5?

“A ball that reduced spin with the driver and irons but retained greenside control. The five-layers is a great platform for us to do this.”

How would a five-layer ball differ from a two-piece ball?

“Five layers allowed us to not compromise. With fewer layers you can choose high wedge spin for example but then that has an impact on your driver and iron spin. ”

How do each of the layers work?

“The soft inner core pulls spin out with driver and irons when you are deforming the ball. Each additional layer adds additional speed.”

What will players using the new TP5 balls notice?

“This ball will be noticeably different if you’re a tour player or an average player. Out on the course you are going to see more distance with your irons. The ball flight will be a little bit higher and stronger. We’re talking about half to full club length gains so golfers will have to recalibrate how far their irons go. Who doesn’t want to hit their irons further? Who wouldn’t want to hit an 8-iron instead of a 7-iron?”


Pricing & Availability

TP5 and TP5x will be available at retail from the 3rd January at an RRP of £49.99 per dozen.


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Designed to be one of the toughest tests of a golfer’s ability, the US Open has thrown up its fair share of brutal challenges.

The courses are set up in a way that results in tight scoring. Rarely will a course be severely beaten by a player, rather winning scores are close to level par or over it.

Rory McIlory’s 16-under-par victory at Congressional in 2010 and Tiger Woods‘ 12-under win at Pebble Beach in 2000 have been rare exceptions at the US Open.

Expect to see players hacking out of long rough and tricky, undulating greens when the best players in the world tee it up next summer.


What is the US Open?

The US Open is the national golf championship in the United States and is the second Major to be played during the season.

The tournament was established in 1895 on a nine-hole course at the Newport Country Club in Rhode Island.

Back then it was a 36-hole competition played in just one day. Now, it is a 72-hole strokeplay event played over four days in June at different courses across the United States.

The inaugural US Open at Newport Country Club was won by England’s Horace Rawlins. Golfers from England, Scotland and Jersey would dominate the early US Open tournaments.

The US Open is run by the United States Golf Association (USGA).

US Open


Where is it?

The US Open is held on courses set up in such a way that scoring is very difficult.

In fact, a course attempting to get into the rotation for the tournament will undergo renovations to develop its features in line with what is required of a US Open course.

The 2017 US Open will be held at Erin Hills in Wisconsin, which only opened 10 years ago. This will be the first time the course has hosted the Major championship.


When is the 2017 US Open?

This year’s installment will be held from Thursday, June 15 to Sunday, June 18.

US Open


Are tickets on sale?

Yes. There a range of tickets available, including standard gallery tickets but also more expensive options in the form of the Trophy Club and 1895 Club.

A Thursday gallery ticket will set you back $110, while Friday, Saturday and Sunday Gallery tickets are priced at $125.


Who is the reigning champion?

Dustin Johnson, of the United States, claimed his first Major title at the 2016 US Open at Oakmont Country Club in Pennsylvania.

The tournament was heavily disrupted by bad weather but Johnson took the title by three strokes thanks to a final round of 69 to finish on a four-under-par total of 276.

However, his victory was somewhat marred by a controversial incident.

US Open


After finishing at five under par, Johnson was penalised a shot as he was judged to have made his ball move as he addressed it on the 5th green, despite being initially absolved of wrongdoing.

His score was amended to four under par after the round and the USGA was heavily criticised for its actions.


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golf clothing

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A widely held opinion across the globe is that golf is a stuffy, elitist sport mainly played by old men.

The picture above would probably be the first image that jumps to a lot of people’s minds when asked to describe a typical golfer.

But this would be a warped view.

Major golf clothing manufacturers down the years have looked to break the golf style mould, moving away from traditional trousers, polo tops with collars and jumpers in neutral colours.

While many golf clubs still insist on a strict dress code, manufacturers are continually looking for new styles to offer an alternative option to traditional golf clothing.


Nike’s modern golf clothing

Nike have long been one of the innovators in sports fashion and their golf clothing has been no different.

Remember Tiger Woods sporting a collarless Nike top, most notably on his way to victory at the 2005 Masters?

Many traditionalists got a little hot under their soft-rolled collars, while others headed straight to their nearest golf shop to see if they could get their hands on this latest trend.

golf clothing


A lot of golf clubs insist that players wear shirts with a collar but Nike have continually been trying to move away from the tradition.

Their most famous current golfing athlete, Rory Mcllory, has sported the company’s range of athletic, collarless T-shirts and hi-top shoes.

golf clothing


While Nike’s tights, which might take the most convincing for the club golfer, are said to be good for helping with recovery.

golf clothing


The American firm’s Nike Golf Club Winter Rules Collection follows in the same eyebrow-raising, groundbreaking vein as their previous ranges.

It’s another attempt at bridging the gap between what is worn on and off the course, helping players feel more comfortable and at ease on the course.

golf clothing


The collection, which was released this month, features a ‘blazer’, jogger bottoms and Nike Air Zoom 90 IT golf shoes – all in keeping with the idea of being able to wear your golf gear on and off the course.

Traditionalists will baulk at this latest collection, others will love it.

However, Nike aren’t the only brand to introduce innovative clothing to the market.


Galvin Green’s colourful waterproofs

golf clothing

Until Swedish company Galvin Green came along, waterproofs were either navy blue or black. Possibly tartan at a push. Now you can have any colour you like!


Ecco’s spikeless shoes

golf clothing

Only wearing spiked golf shoes became a thing of the past thanks to Ecco’s spikeless shoes.

Freddie Couples brought this style to global awareness when he wore them in the 2011 Masters. Many of us don’t wear spikes for golf anymore, instead wearing versatile spikeless shoes both to the shops and out on the course.


Under Armour’s base layers

golf clothing

Golf in the winter used to be about long johns and extra wool jumpers. Not any more. Which of us doesn’t own a skintight base layer for those frosty January mornings?


Boa’s lacing system

golf clothing


Rushing to the first tee has never been easier. Adidas added it on the tongue, FootJoy on the heel. It offers performance benefits too.


Tour pros wearing shorts!

golf clothing


Whatever next? Quite why it is causing such controversy is beyond me, but it does show how difficult it can be to change the way things are done in the game. Which golfing clothing innovations have annoyed you the most?

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What do Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Ian Poulter, Ben Hogan and Bobby Jones all have in common?

That’s right, they all have all launched their own golf gear brands.

And now Open champion Henrik Stenson has joined them by producing his own eyewear range called, funnily enough, Henrik Stenson Eyewear.


I have always found something appealing about a piece of clothing or equipment endorsed by one of my favourite stars.

A Tiger Woods hat or any Nike gear (Rory Mcllory is also one of my favourites) is right up my street.

There have been a whole host of famous names who have set up their own line of golf gear, but which ones are the best?


5) Greg Norman



The shark emblem is an unmistakable logo.

Two-time Open winner Greg Norman’s line of clothing and accessories is a recognisable and popular brand across the world of golf.

Established in 1992, a year before his second Open victory at Royal St George’s, the collection captures Greg Norman’s “powerful elegance, enthusiasm and passion for an individual design sense”, according to the Greg Norman Collection website.


4) Tiger Woods



Tiger Woods is one of the most iconic figures in the world of golf.

Despite the 14-time Major champion having not struck a ball competitively for ages, Nike still sell his range of gear, simply called TW.


3) Jack Nicklaus



Who wouldn’t want to wear clothes branded with the golden bear logo of the most successful golfer of all time?

Jack Nicklaus’ range of men’s and women’s clothing is just like its owner – smart, classy and oozing quality.


2) Ben Hogan



Nine-time Major champion Ben Hogan set up the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company in 1953 in Fort Worth, Texas, with the aim of making clubs targeted toward “the better player”.

He sold the iconic brand to American Machine and Foundry in 1960 but stayed on as chairman for several years.

Ownership of the company has changed hands several times down the years but is still going to this day.


1) Arnold Palmer



The late, great Arnold Palmer was a true trailblazer in sports business.

He was one of the first sportsmen to use his fame to build a business empire, through an array of commercial ventures.

He founded Arnold Palmer Enterprises to handle his endorsements and other ventures and it is widely recognised thanks to its umbrella logo.