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It’s not just the upper half of your body that needs protection from the elements. Whether you’re faced with light drizzle or driving rain – the type that comes in sideways and leaves you soaked through – you also need a reliable set of waterproof trousers.

The best waterproof golf trousers will help you stay bone dry in even the most adverse weather conditions. Of course, whilst we’d rather not have to pull on a pair at all, modern waterproof outwear has come on leaps and bounds in the last 15 years.

Here are some of the best waterproof golf trousers on the market.

1. Galvin Green Andy GORE-TEX Waterproof Trousers, RRP £219.00

best waterproof golf trousers

True, spending this much on a set of trousers might seem a little extravagant, but you can’t put a price on staying dry, and in Galvin Green, you have one of the most trusted golf clothing brands on the market.

Its best-selling trousers are crafted with a GORE-TEX waterproof membrane, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to stay dry no matter how bad the rain gets. They’re also designed with breathability properties to keep you comfortable.

As you’d expect from such a premium brand, there are plenty of other touches that set this garment apart, such as the elasticated waist and drawstring to aid a perfect fit and front pockets with fleece lining. Meanwhile, the fabric at the leg hem is extra abrasion-resistant, so you can be sure your investment will stay in good condition for many seasons.

2. FootJoy HydroTour Waterproof Trousers, RRP £170.00

best waterproof golf trousers

The name says it all – they’re actually storm-proof. Even if you’re a fair-weather golfer, you’re going to get caught out at some point, especially given the changeable British weather.

With 4-way stretch fabric, zippered leg closure and reach through pockets, every detail has been considered, making them comfortable and hugely effective in keeping you dry and focused on your golf game.

Other design features include an elasticated waistband and belt loops, plus you have the FJ branding on the leg and back pocket for maximum appeal. Bring on the rain!

3. Abacus Pitch 37.5 Waterproof Trousers, RRP £199.00

best waterproof golf trousers

The aim of these trousers is to keep your temperature at 37.5°, the body’s ideal body temperature. For that reason, they’re light and breathable – but how do they perform when it’s hosing it down?

Well, they have a waterproof rating of WP2000, and they’re fully seam-sealed to prevent any moisture from creeping in. In other words, you’re unlikely to feel any uncomfortable trickles when you’re standing over an important putt.

The 4-way stretch also means you can repeat that athletic swing of yours, despite the extra layers. Meanwhile, finer details include a front button and zip fly with velcro at the waist to help you find that perfect fit.

4. PING SensorDry 2.5 Waterproof Trousers, RRP £140.00

best waterproof golf trousers

These trousers have been designed for lightweight waterproof protection and playability. The same SensorDry technology is used in many of the Ping’s other garments, helping golfers stay comfortable no matter how bad the weather turns.

These trousers are fully seam-sealed, while the pockets are spacious and well-positioned. The adjustable waist gets the thumbs up, too, as does the zip leg opening that makes getting them on and off easy. This is no small detail, as there’s nothing worse than struggling to get trousers on and off over muddy golf shoes mid-round.

5. Adidas RAIN.RDY Waterproof Trousers, RRP £100.000

If you’re not looking to fork out more than £100 on a pair of waterproof trousers – perhaps you’re more of a fair-weather player – the Adidas RAIN.RDY waterproof trousers would represent money well spent.

As well as offering waterproof protection, they also provide 50+ UV protection to keep your skin safe from harmful rays. After all, even the winter sun does come out occasionally.

The design also features front and back pockets, velcro adjustment, and hook and loop leg openings, while the use of stretch performance fabrics means you’re able to move freely without feeling at all hindered.

6. Under Armour Storm Proof Waterproof Trousers, RRP £109.99

Under Armour’s Storm technology repels water without sacrificing breathability. They feature an adjustable hem cord, velcro side adjusters, lower leg zips and secure hand pockets, while the brand logo is situated on the back, completing the look nicely.

The contemporary style is very popular with golfers, and despite being feature-packed, they’re not going to set you back a large sum of money. It’s one of the reasons why they’re one of the brand’s best sellers.

7. Puma Ultradry Waterproof Trousers, RRP £129.99

With a fully seam-sealed stretch StormCell fabric that helps reduce weight and improve mobility, Puma’s sporty Ultradry trousers won’t impede your swing in the slightest.

On top of this, they feature fully waterproof zippers and pockets, so you can keep your scorecard dry, plus any other items you like to have close throughout the round.

With velcro zip leg openings, they’re easy to pull on and off quickly, so you’ll never get caught out when an unexpected shower passes through.

8. J.Lindeberg Avery Waterproof Trousers, RRP £189.99

best waterproof golf trousers

The premium fashion brand’s Avery waterproof trousers are a modern offering designed with performance and style in mind. Like many other waterproof golf trousers, they feature a technical 4-way stretch design to enhance mobility, allowing you to move with freedom.

Meanwhile, the fully seam sealed construction provides waterproof and windproof protection. They’re finished with a tapered fit, zippered hand pockets and a silicone ‘JL’ bridge rear logo for added style.

This garment is a perfect example of how waterproof golf clothing has moved on from the days of baggy, uninspiring designs. In fact, J.Lindeberg is a brand that’s right up there where ‘trendy’ is concerned. 

9. Sunderland Quebec Waterproof Trousers, RRP £80

Constructed from a soft, NEVERWEATHERBEATEN protected fabric, these waterproof trousers will keep you warm, dry and comfortable in all conditions.

Established in 1964, Sunderland has a long history of creating high-performing wet weather gear, and it’s no different with the Quebec trousers. Golfers demand a lot, especially in terms of comfort when playing in bad weather, so the half elasticated, cord-adjustable waistband and anti-snag velcro ankle adjuster are nice touches.

Talking of which, everyone will appreciate the fleece-lined hand warmer side pockets, while the articulated knees that provide additional support when crouching also boosts comfort levels.  

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Anyone who plays golf in the winter will appreciate the classic umbrella. But if you like playing whatever the weather, you need your umbrella to tick certain boxes.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, it has to be able to keep out the driving rain. Secondly, it needs to be strong, robust and able to withstand strong gusts. And thirdly, it needs to be comfortable to carry.

Here are the 11 best golf umbrellas that offer all the above – and more.

1. Motocaddy Clearview Umbrella, RRP £44.99

golf umbrellas

What separates this umbrella from most other models is its unique clear viewing panel. It means you can see what’s ahead of you, which isn’t always easy in a heavy downpour and with the wind coming in sideways, making life difficult.

The Clearview is also 65mm longer than standard golfing umbrellas and has an extended handle length, as well as an auto-open mechanism – so you won’t find yourself faffing around trying to get it open when the heavens open.

It’s also compatible with the brand’s umbrella holder, making it a popular accessory with Motocaddy trolley owners.

2. Under Armour Golf Umbrella, RRP £40.00

golf umbrellas

Anyone who owns a set of Under Armour waterproofs will appreciate just how effective its gear is at keeping out the rain. The brand’s UA Storm technology is also mightily effective in repelling water to keep you dry and comfortable on the course, as well as all your clubs and accessories. With dual action opening and a textured rubber handle for a comfortable grip, it ticks all the boxes.

3. PowaKaddy Double Canopy Clearview Umbrella, RRP £44.99

golf umbrellas

Here’s another umbrella with that rather rare feature of transparent panels, so even in the worst weather, you’ll be able to see as clearly as the conditions allow. Meanwhile, the double canopy design reduces the risk of the umbrella blowing inside out, which is frustrating in any situation, but especially on the golf course.

Other clever design features include an ergonomic non-slip handle for a comfortable grip and an autonomic push button, making it quick and easy to open.

4. PING Tour Double Canopy Umbrella, RRP £62.95

golf umbrellas

If the idea of coming into contact with just a single drop of rain puts you off playing golf this winter, then here’s the umbrella for you.

Designed with an extra-large tour sized 68″ canopy made from waterproof fabric and a robust frame material for long-lasting protection, this is the sort of umbrella you’ll see a caddie hold over his employer. It also has a rain stripe pattern and PING authentic logos for added appeal.

5. Sun Mountain H2NO Vision Umbrella, RRP £44.99

golf umbrellas

Not only will the H2NO Vision keep out the wind and rain, but it also offers UV protection from harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause damage to the skin.

As well as this, it also has a double viewing window for clear sight and a robust fibreglass shaft material for long-lasting durability. Go for the red (there are four colours to choose from), and you’ll be doing your bit to brighten up the fairways in the winter.

6. BIG MAX Aqua Umbrella, RRP £29.99

golf umbrellas

It’s never ideal when you have to pull out an umbrella, especially if you have one that’s a touch heavy. However, one of the most appealing features of this model from BIG MAX, appropriately named ‘Aqua’, is that it’s super lightweight. More of a fair-weather golfer? This umbrella also offers UV protection.

7. Titleist Tour Double Canopy Umbrella, RRP £69.99

The Pro V1 branding says it all: premium. This umbrella ensures you’re fully protected in either rain or sun. The clever double canopy allows fast air to pass through each one to resist inverting in high winds, while the lightweight but strong materials guarantee long-lasting performance.

It’s a smart and effective offering, making it a great gift, too.

8. PXG Single Canopy Umbrella, RRP £100.00

Anyone who’s invested in PXG hardware before will know that this is not particularly a wallet-friendly brand. So, what does top dollar get you?

For a start, it’ll protect you from the sun as well as some of the most extreme weather conditions. In fact, it also has a lightning-resistant double fibreglass shaft – plus, it’s water and bleed proof, so it’s ready for whatever elements you’ll face.

9. TaylorMade Tour Double Canopy Umbrella, RRP £44.99

It’s not just the heavy rain that can ruin our scores. Strong winds often accompany the dark clouds and make it difficult to focus on your game, too. TaylorMade’s WindPro technology is designed to withstand the strongest of gusts, and while this won’t necessarily help you to flight the ball in tricky conditions, it will mean you find it easier to stay on your feet when walking between shots – plus, it will keep you a little warmer.

10. Callaway Tour Authentic, RRP £49.95

The dual canopy on this umbrella helps resist inverting in high winds by allowing air to pass through the ventilation gaps.

It’s robust, too, thanks to its strong fibreglass shaft and frame. With the Tour Authentic branding, you’ll be letting everyone know you’re a golfer when you’re out and about.

11. Galvin Green Tromb Umbrella, RRP £44.95

Galvin Green sets the bar pretty high when it comes to protecting golfers from the elements – and the Tromb umbrella will do just that.

If you like playing golf all year round, you can rely on this storm-proof offering, with an extra-strong frame and double-layer top cover/pressure release vent.

The black/silver looks the part, too, while the red will help you get spotted should you get lost on a foggy fairway.

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The article below was written by Dove Jones of National Club Golfer

Dove Jones headed to Suffolk to hear all about the legend that is Royal Worlington and Newmarket’s Pink Jug.

Royal Worlington and Newmarket has a storied history as the home course to the Cambridge University Golf Society and the annual match against the Oxford team.

The course received its Royal title from Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales at the time, Edward VII, was the club president in 1895. Three venerable journalists were associated with the club – Bernard Darwin dubbed it “the Sacred Nine”, Henry Longhurst, a member of the Cambridge team from 1928 to 1931, had a lifelong membership and love affair with the club, and Herbert Warren Wind, the man who coined Augusta’s “Amen Corner”, said it is the “best none-hole course in the world”.

Then there’s the club’s Pink Jug – a potent cocktail that has become not only an historic club’s signature but a beloved club logo as well.

As legend goes, the cocktail was invented during a never-to-be-forgotten weekend house party hosted by members John Morrison and the wonderfully-named Boxer Cannon in 1934. It seems that during the first night of the festivities all of the usual mixing spirits such as vodka and gin were consumed, leaving behind a collection of spirits not normally combined in the same glass.

Their solution was to mix everything left together into a potent punch and serve it in a cranberry glass pitcher, partly to conceal the colour of the finished product.  Not that anyone cared after the first few sips. The party continued and a club tradition was born.

The drink is not only still served but a club staple. Mark Allcorn, Worlington’s secretary, told me that during the latest Cambridge University Golf Club selection dinner the 25 guests drank 34 Pink Jugs between them!

So what’s in it?

  • 1 bottle of Champagne (sparkling wine or Prosecco)
  • 1 measure of Pimms No 1
  • 1 measure of brandy
  • 1 measure of benedictine
  • Ice and a slice of lemon to garnish
  • Pink Jug to serve optional

It will set you back £49 with Champagne and £29 with Prosecco.

While no one knows exactly when the image of the Pink Jug, one of my all-time favourite logos, started adorning club ties and other merchandise, according to long-time member Ian Pattinson it predates his time on the Cambridge team almost a half century ago. Being a “Royal”, the club also sports a more traditional logo as well.

The club welcomes visitors and societies with prior arrangement. The day I visited the Woodcocks were enjoying multiple Pink Jugs on their way to afternoon foursomes making for a most welcoming and jovial dining room.

Whether enjoying the actual cocktail or spotting a “Pink Jug” logoed item on the course, it never fails to bring a wee smile.

Dove Jones is an American whose heart lives on the links of Great Britain and Ireland. She has been involved in international golf for over two decades and a member of National Club Golfer’s Top 100s course ranking panels.

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The article below was written by Alex Perry, Digital Editor of National Club Golfer

Here we go, another scorecard that needs to be seen to be believed. This time courtesy of Spanish youngster Alejandro del Rey.

Will we ever get bored of golfers doing miraculous things on the golf course?

Spoiler alert: No, we will not.

Alejandro del Rey has made history by carding the first 58 on a major tour in Europe when he achieved the feat during the second round of the 2021 Swiss Challenge on the Challenge Tour.

Del Rey, ranked 392nd in the world at the time, becomes just the fifth player to card a 58 on any major tour.

Not only that, the Spaniard carded front and back nines of 29 on the par-72 layout at Golf Saint Apollinaire to post the lowest round ever to par on a professional golf tour at 14-under.

Del Rey’s second round – which started on the 10th hole and opened birdie, eagle, eagle – was a full 16 shots better than his opening 74, and included a further eagle at the 9th – his 18th – as well as seven more birdies and seven pars in between.

The remarkable round – which beat Marcel Schneider’s course-record 61 set just 24 hours prior by three shots – thrusted the 23-year-old from outside the cut line to fully in contention to win his maiden tour title.

Del Rey’s is just another frankly absurd round of golf in a year that’s been peppered with them, including Jhared Hack’s 57 (!) and former European Tour player Andrew Oldcorn achieving two of golf’s rarest feats on the same day.

And who can forget Ryan Brooks and the most remarkable scorecard you’ll ever see?

Mind blowing. Enjoy.

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The article below was written by Rachael Tibbs of National Club Golfer

Phil Mickelson’s magical major win at 50 proves age is no obstacle. If you’ve been inspired, Rachael Tibbs has some advice on how to get fit like the six-time major champion.

Phil Mickelson became the oldest golfer to ever win a major championship. There is no doubt that his experience and talent played a major part in the win, however he attributes it to “working harder, fitness training, eating well, and practising harder”.

Since his last major win at the Open in 2013, he has made drastic changes to his health by engaging in a regular fitness programme and improving the nutritional value of his food. Once a lover of fizzy drinks and sugary foods, he has replaced it with coffee, whole foods, and a fasting routine.

The motivation for Mickelson to do this came from a diagnosis of arthritis in 2010 and his inability to recover properly after tournaments. This had a negative impact on his ability to practice well and his performance on the course – not to mention his overall health and wellbeing.

Mickelson has to be an inspiration to all golfers, not least those in the same age bracket and is proof that age is not an obstacle. The ability to replace bad habits for better ones, and a lifestyle shift, is not an easy feat by any means. However the dedication and commitment to be consistent with it is now proving fruitful.

When Mickelson lifted the Wanamaker trophy for the second time he became a six-time major winner and arguably in the best shape of his life. Hitting bombs, while staying injury free, was his recent social media slogan and that is exactly what he did on the 16th at Kiawah Island.

Adrenaline filled, no doubt, he bombed his driver a total of 366 yards, which waved to title rival Brooks Koepka’s ball on its way past – a major indicator of the strength and power he has built in the gym and through his fitness programmes.

Getting stronger and increasing his power means that he can continue to compete with the younger big hitters on tour.

The golf fitness tips Mickelson used to improve his game

Getting stronger is the foundation to increasing speed and power. With that comes increased clubhead speed and distances.

Improved strength also makes the body more robust, so you are less susceptible to stress and injuries from practice and play.

Improved diet and fitness allows your body to recover better after stresses are placed on your body.

The increased fitness allows your body to handle more stress and better food intake helps it to recover quicker.

Better recovery and increased energy allows you to practice longer and harder, and increased practice can result in better performance on the golf course.

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The article below was written by Steve Carroll of National Club Golfer

Renowned golf coaches turned authors Gary Nicol and Karl Morris join Steve Carroll on the NCG Podcast to discuss the latest book of their best-selling series.

The first two books were packed with golf tips hailed for changing the games of players all over the world. Now the successful teaching duo of Gary Nicol and Karl Morris are back – and they’ve have roped in some pretty big names to help them.

The Lost Art of the Short Game is the final part of the best-selling Lost Art of Golf series and, this time, Gary and Karl aim to free you from the shackles you have self-imposed on your short games.

Using the successful formula of getting you to look within, rather than going heavy on technique, the trio of titles now form a complete overview of the game, and an essential part of every golfer’s library.

Wedges guru Bob Vokey, renowned golf architect Mike Clayton, and former Ryder Cup player-turned commentator Andrew Coltart are among the special guests lending their own wisdom across the pages.

So to find out more about the book, and how it can help your game, Gary and Karl are my guests this week on the From the Clubhouse podcast…

You can get hold of The Lost Art of the Short Game, along with the previous two books in the Lost Art Series, by visiting the Lost Art of Golf website.

What is The Lost Art of the Short Game?: Gary Nicol and Karl Morris join the From the Clubhouse Podcast

Gary and Karl joined me on the NCG From the Clubhouse podcast to discuss this in more depth.

To listen to the full episode, search ‘The NCG Podcast’ in your preferred podcast platform.